Match Box Dc

If grabbing a handcrafted pizza is on your bucket list, you need to head over to Match Box DC. Our bistro has been serving the best-handcrafted pizza for the past 5 years. We don’t use machines to craft our pizza. Instead, each of the pizzas sold at our bistro is made by hand. That does not mean it is not delicious or well-cooked. Trust our professional chefs who have decades of experience in preparing handcrafted pizza.


Cock Tails




Red Devil

Sorbet Tea

Pizza Bar and BisTro

Handcrafted Pizza

We have implemented several pizza-making concepts. One of the concepts we use is the coal-fired concept we borrowed from Jack’s. It is a method that has enabled us to create the ultimate gas fireplace, large booths, and an open-concept kitchen.

Our founder inspires our restaurant’s operating philosophy. He spent years perfecting the art of handcrafted pizza. After decades of helping other restaurants create the perfect pizza, he decided to quit and start his own restaurant. Through hard work and patience, he created a restaurant that is now a beacon of handcrafted pizza. We hope that you will find time to come and test this unique meal.


(234) 759-0245

Opening Hours

Everyday, 11am – 11pm