Things to Know about Starting a Pizzeria

by | Nov 27, 2020

Pizzerias are famous because a large percentage of people eat pizza at least once a week. They’re of Italian origin but have become a generally accepted food worldwide. While some people eat it as a meal, others see it as a snack. Nevertheless, that doesn’t affect its importance in our society. That’s why we still eat them a lot.

Starting a Pizzeria


Opening your pizza shop is similar to opening any other type of restaurant. That’s because you have the same concerns, including the right menu, kitchen equipment, and how to build a customer base. Firstly, you must carry out research and learn about established pizzerias like Match Box. You should also seek out various foodservice industry start-up tips.
You can achieve that by reading blogs or magazines dedicated to providing information to restauranteurs. Check the websites of other places to see the things that make them who they are. However, ensure that it’s not to copy their style or menu but to get inspiration for yours. Subsequently, we’ll discuss the primary things you need for a successful start-up.


Expertise and Experience

We understand that you can’t have experience in doing something when you’re starting. However, you must have extensive pizza-making knowledge and skills. It’s vital to know the different styles and types of pizza to make it easy for you to decide what you want for your place. It entails being sure of the right ingredients, from the crust to toppings and the various cheeses used.

That’s because even though you have to be authentic, pizza isn’t the same if it doesn’t have absolute originality. You must also know the necessary equipment for getting the desired taste and structure for your final product. Without the equipment, you won’t have an idea of what you need for the kitchen. Thus, it’s essential whether you’re the chef or not.

Space and Decorations


Your building is as important as the food you serve. Therefore, you must ensure a strategic location. Besides that, it would be best to incorporate both functionality and aesthetics in your design. That’s because the ambiance and environment matter, especially to the customers. The dining or waiting area must be well-lit with warm decor, and the kitchen should be spaciously well-organized.

Your Menu


Your menu should contain things like pizza types available in various categories and a drink and beverage section. If you’re creating your recipes, ensure to give each one a catchy name or title, or identify it with the primary ingredient or topping. You should also include a short description, sharing some primary ingredients in each item on the menu.

Getting Staff


This area is one that many employers claim is though because of the level of thoroughness it requires. Although the employees must have specific experience, offer on-the-job training for any addition to your team.

It ensures everyone is aware of the way things should run. Treat every one of them fairly and similarly to promote openness and strong work ethics.

Establishing Your Services


You have to state the type of services you offer clearly. It could be only takeaways, or there can be choices for dine-ins and deliveries. This feature is totally up to you, but you must decide with enough information and preparation under your belt. For example, you can’t offer only the option of dining in and not have enough space for a waiting area.

You must also be flexible to accommodate certain unforeseen circumstances. As we’ve seen in the coronavirus pandemic situation, you’ll want to be able to sustain your business. However, be patient because you don’t build such an establishment overnight. You must have experience in the industry and the presence of loyal customers backing you.

Entertainment Options

Though it’s not compulsory, entertainment is essential for your pizzeria. That’s because it’s different from other restaurant types where people wait at their tables. Though that’s an option, your place will have a more positive pull if there are activities to occupy customers while they’re staying. Firstly, there must be a television people can watch to keep their minds off the wait.

Also, games like ping-pong and table soccer have become popular in work places, bars, and restaurants. That’s because they have short rounds, and anyone can play them. They’re easy group recreational activities that guests can indulge in, whether it’s a family or a group of friends. Thus, it provides a fun way of keeping them occupied and could provide great memories.

These memories can add a particular value to your pizza and, therefore, lead to an increase in regular customers. Another great option is shuffle boarding because it’s a classic and exciting game. There’s also the choice of using the designated type of table for it as there are shorter ones that conserve space. The thrill of getting to do or watch something they usually wouldn’t also hold attention.

Branding and Online Presence

We can’t overemphasize the necessity of an online presence for businesses in this era. No matter the industry you operate in, having a website and social media accounts is crucial.

That’s because it increases your visibility and helps you stay on top of trends. Thus, giving you a convenient avenue to connect with both existing and prospective customers.


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