Reasons to Pack Pizza for Your Next Hunting Adventure

by | Dec 27, 2020

Hunting is a fun outdoor activity that has been in existence since time immemorial. Humans have been hunters and gatherers since the early century as a means of getting food to consume.

However, the prevalence of croplands and farming in modern society has made hunting more than just a means of getting food to eat. However, many ethnicities and cultures worldwide still hunt for game food.

Hunting adds variety to your diet. And, unlike livestock kept for meat, wild animals give a healthy protein you can consume more often. If consumed in moderation, game food can help you attain healthier eating habits.

On the converse, hunting can be dangerous.

Every year, according to the International Hunter Education Association, hunters accidentally shoot almost 1,000 people in North America. Approximately 10% of the shootings often result in a fatality. This injury risk affects both hunters and non-hunters.

Therefore, it’s important for hunters to pack essential hunting gear to protect themselves from such injuries. Moreover, non-hunters should also be cautious when they visit hunting areas to avoid preventable injuries.

Ranging from enhanced personal exercise and safety of activities to wildlife population control and gaining more knowledge about Mother Nature, the benefits of hunting vary. What’s more, you can adopt it as a survival method.

Whether you’re packing bows and arrows like those at or looking for the right apparel to wear, you also need to pack some food to munch later. Actually, I like Barnett brands due to their top-notch quality and longevity.


Pizza is one of the greatest dishes you can pack to bring with you on your travels outdoors whenever you go hunting. Here’re a few reasons to get you started:


8 Reasons to Pack Pizza for Your Hunting Adventure

Pizza is made from local ingredients

When you go hunting in a different region, country, or continent, you’ll try local ingredients through perfectly-made pizza.

For instance, Hawaiian pizza is made from fresh local onions, mushrooms, and pineapples for an amazing taste. You’ll find basil and tomatoes in your pizza when you go on vacation in Italy.

On the other hand, pizza in France is made using Brie and ham for that authentic French flavor.

As you explore the wilderness in other countries on your vacation, make sure you consume locally-made pizza to indulge in cultural research. Request famous local ingredients from your destination to be included in your pizza for an authentic culinary experience.

Alternatively, visit local farmers’ markets to find local ingredients you can use to prepare your own pizza. This is a great way to eat healthy as you track what goes into your pizza. It also saves money.

Explore new neighborhoods during pick up

While on vacation and planning to go hunting, walk around your neighborhood to find the best pizza in town. Talk to a younger guy around to find out where you can order the best local pizza.

Use this opportunity to discover new neighborhoods in the area. You can also explore local restaurants, parks, and other points of attraction as you look for the best place to order pizza to bring with you when you go hunting.

Chat with locals and make new friends

Get conversations started as you look for the best local pizza to pack for a hunting adventure. Chat with locals you come across and make new friends. You may even get personal recommendations for things you’ll find handy during your trip.
After all, isn’t pizza a great conversation starter?

Support independent small local businesses

Is there a better way to give back to the community at your travel destination than buying from small, local businesses?
Whether you decide to buy ingredients from farmers’ markets to prepare your own pizza back at your Airbnb home or order your favorite flavor from an independent pizza parlor, you’ll be promoting independent businesses.


You can consume pizza for lunch, breakfast, or supper. Non-fast food also makes a great snack for your hunting adventures. Keep them in Ziploc bags to enjoy when you feel hungry.

Eating pizza is fun

Hunting is a fun adventure for hunting lovers. Whether you’re going hunting alone or with a group of friends, why not pack some local pizza to add to the fun when out in the wilderness?


Pizza is affordable, costing as little as $1 or $2 per slice. With only $20 or less, you can get more than enough to feed yourself when out hunting.


Although pizza isn’t necessarily healthy, you can order or prepare veggie pizza loaded with wholesome nutrients. Top it up with fresh garlic, tomato sauce packed with extra vitamin C, a sparse cheese serving, or a while (or thin) wheat crust for added health benefits.

Whichever flavor of pizza you pack for your hunting adventure, you’re bound to enjoy your authentic local treat.


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