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We offer many drinks at a restaurant. The drinks include:

  1. Homemade Water

Perhaps water is the last thing you expect to find at a bistro. And that is probably true, but the water we offer at our establishment is mixed with lemon cucumber, orange, strawberry, and mint. Not only will you have a new type of refreshment, but you’ll get new ideas on how to serve water at your home.

  1. Coconut Water

You may get thirsty when eating handcrafted pizza. Coconut water is a good way to quench your thirst. Although most people go for regular water, there is a better alternative. We spice our coconut water with lavender, basil, and mint. Moreover, we sell coconut water at a lower price than most bistro out there.

  1. New Sangria

Our chefs have found a way of creating a classic drink by combining ice, fruit, and wine. The sangria became a famous drink in 2018 and is now a common feature at our bistro. Of course, you can request your customized sangria. Some people prefer to add herbs, liquors, and other fruits to the sangria.

In 2020, our sangrias come with rum, mint, mango, or watermelon. Strawberry sangria is also popular.

  1. Sorbet Tea

Iced tea is an old classic, but it’s only ideal in July and August. So, what would you like to drink during the remaining 10 months? You will still need to take tea because it’s healthy and fashionable. That is why we have created the sorbet tea, a classic from Barcelona. Our clients prefer taking this tea in winter as well as in early summer. There are other iced tea options, such as Chai Tea.

  1. Digestive Mocktails

An impressive dining experience must include some non-alcoholic drinks. Not everybody wants an alcoholic drink to accompany their handcrafted pizza.

Mocktails are good for digestion. We mix our mocktails with ginger, cumin, cinnamon, mint, and turmeric. These are healthy ingredients with great options. Just like everything else we offer at our bistro, you have the liberty to select what you want in your mocktail.

  1. Colorful Cocktails

The holiday season is on the horizon. This is your time to enjoy every meal with some fashionable drinks. Colorful cocktails such as gin, vodka, rum, and tequila are powerful handcrafted pizza accompaniments.

Some of our guests also prefer cocktails with vibrant colors because they create wonderful backgrounds for social media pictures. That is why our cranberry gin always comes with strawberry mojitos that are likely to simulate envy among your Instagram followers.

  1. Cold-pressed Juice

Natural juice from vegetables and fruits is delicious. But we prefer to do things differently at our bistro. We cold-press vegetables and fruits while making sure we don’t lose flavor and nutrients. The resultant juice is then served with vitamin boosting ingredients.


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